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*1)This Web site refers to all subdomains, directories and pages contained in the domain below.

When using this Website, You must not perform any of the following acts

  1. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any right of PeptiGrowth
  2. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property of PeptiGrowth
  3. An act of actually or potentially inflicting any loss on PeptiGrowth in addition to what is classified under (1) or (2) above.
  4. An act of illegally using any ID or password on the PeptiGrowth Website.
  5. An act of illegally using any third-party ID or password.
  6. An act of transferring one's ID or password to a third party or allowing its use by a third party.
  7. An act of using or providing any computer virus or other harmful program through or in connection with the Service.
  8. An act of using the Service through illegal use of a credit card.
  9. An act of submitting any false or unreasonable request for reservation, etc.
  10. An act of submitting request on behalf of other person without the person's approval.
  11. An act of actually or potentially interfering with the operation of the Service in an unreasonable manner, thereby causing disadvantage to PeptiGrowth
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  15. An act of actually or potentially infringing upon any property, privacy, portrait right or publicity right of PeptiGrowth or a third party.
  16. An act of running or participating in a political campaign or other similar activity during and outside the political campaign period.
  17. An act of actually or potentially violating the public order and moral. (18) An act of actually or potentially violating the law.
  18. A criminal act, an act that leads to a criminal act, or could potentially lead to a criminal act
  19. Other acts deemed inappropriate by PeptiGrowth

Handling of Problems Attributable to the User

If PeptiGrowth incurs any loss as a result of an act against the Terms herein or fraudulent or illegal act on the part of the customer, the customer may be asked to compensate for the loss.
PeptiGrowth assumes no responsibility for any conflict arising between the customer and a third party, or loss inflicted by you on a third party, as it will be resolved at the responsibility and expense of your own.


You may copy any date, material, picture, voice, software (hereinafter called ‘Content’) displayed in the PeptiGrowth World Wide Web Server only for the purpose of private use by an individual or non-commercial use within your organization, provided that any copy of the Content or portion thereof must include this copyright notice.
Each individual Content in the PeptiGrowth World Wide Web Server may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information applicable to that individual Content. Your right to use or copy the Content on this server may be restricted if so indicated in such proprietary notices and/or copyright information.
Except as expressly provided above, nothing herein shall be construed as conferring any right or license under any copyrights, patents, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of PeptiGrowth or any third party. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, any product, software, service or technology described or referenced in the Content on this server is the subject of intellectual property rights which belong to and are reserved by PeptiGrowth or its licensors and is not licensed hereunder in any manners and means.


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PeptiGrowth does not make any warranty of compliance, integrity, security, legality, recentness, accuracy, usefulness, certainty or any other kind, relating to the Content and information, etc.
displayed on this Web site (hereinafter collectively referred to as "the Contents, etc."). PeptiGrowth does not accept any responsibility even if any damage should arise from or in connection with any use of the Contents, etc. Please be informed that PeptiGrowth may suspend or stop operating this Web site without notice or PeptiGrowth may change or delete any items of the Contents, etc. on this Web site without notice.

Countries for which products / services are offered

The Contents, etc. published on this Web site is that of products/services, etc. offered for Japan, and these products/services can be purchased, obtained and used only by customers living in Japan. However, if respective the Contents, etc. show particular countries for which products/services are offered or are linked to the Contents, etc. showing them, such information prevails.

Export control

Exporting products/services offered on this website from Japan (including hand carry and, in case of software or technology, transfer to non-residents) may be subject to an export license from the Japanese government based on the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and/or any other rules relevant thereto, and in case of a resident in United State shall be subject to an export license from the U.S. government based on the Export Administration Regulations.

Idea Proposal

PeptiGrowth has the policy not to accept from you any unsolicited proposals including ideas for new products, technologies, etc. Please note that PeptiGrowth has no obligation for the unsolicited proposals, including, but not limited to, reviewing, reporting, maintaining confidentiality of, and paying compensation for them.

About link

About linking to web sites outside PeptiGrowth website. Web sites of the third party other than PeptiGrowth linked from this Web site or linking to this Web site (hereinafter refer to as "the linked sites") are managed under each provider's responsibility of the linked sites and when you use these linked sites, please use them according to each term and condition of the linked sites. PeptiGrowth does not accept responsibilities for the contents of the linked sites or any damages caused by using them.

Governing Law and court of jurisdiction

The use of this Web site and interpretation and application of these terms and conditions are governed by Japanese laws unless otherwise specified. Further, Tokyo District Court shall have an exclusive jurisdiction for first trial over any disputes related to the use of this Web site, unless otherwise specified.

Questions regarding this web site

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