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<span>PG-003</span>BDNF Alternative Peptide (TrkB Agonist)

PG-003BDNF Alternative Peptide (TrkB Agonist)

Fully-Chemically Synthesized Peptide with Activity Equivalent to BDNF

Like growth factor BDNF, PG-003 is a growth factor alternative peptide with agonistic activity against the TrkB receptor. In the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy for the nervous system, which has been extensively researched and developed in recent years, BDNF Alternative Peptide can be used in maintaining the survival and inducing differentiation of nervous system cells.

Induces Dimerization of TrkB and Exerts Biological Activity similar to BDNF

TrkBのダイマー化 イメージ1
TrkBのダイマー化 イメージ2
TrkBのダイマー化 イメージ3

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We conducted a functional comparison test between our BDNF Alternative Peptide (PG-003) and commercially available recombinant BDNF. From the results, PG-003 exhibited properties that promote the phosphorylation of the TrkB receptor and the expression of the NFAT-responsive reporter gene at levels equivalent to recombinant BDNF on a per-molecule basis. The molecular weight of PG-003 is approximately 5.1 kDa, which is approximately 2.5 times smaller than that of recombinant BDNF. Therefore, on a mass concentration basis (ng/mL), PG-003 demonstrates comparable activity at 2.5 times less concentration than recombinant BDNF.

TrkB phosphorylation
Reporter gene activation

Applications Data

We asked Jiksak Bioengineering Inc. to evaluate the behavior of neurite bundle elongation using their proprietary technology, Nerve OrganoidTM, with BDNF or PG-003. As a result, when PG-003 was used, thicker and longer neurite bundles were formed.


PG-003 Product Overview

Formulation Lyophilized
Storage Condition ≦-20℃
Purity ≧95% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight 5151.66 (Acetate)
Product Size
(Quantity equivalent to recombinant BDNF)
10µg per a glass vial
(Equivalent to recombinant BDNF Approx. 25µg)

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