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<span>PG-002</span>TGFβ1 Inhibitor (TGFβ1 Binding Peptide)

PG-002TGFβ1 Inhibitor (TGFβ1 Binding Peptide)

Small molecule inhibitors “kinase inhibitors” have problems on its specificity and its necessity to act in cells, and in addition, neutralizing antibodies are costly and also difficult to prove animal-free.
Our PG-002 is a special peptide that binds TGFβ1 ligand outside the cell and exerts inhibitory activity.
Since it is produced by complete chemical synthesis, we are able to provide animal-free certification.

Method for Inhibiting TGFβ1 Signal

Method for Inhibiting TGFβ1 Signal 1
Method for Inhibiting TGFβ1 Signal 2
Method for Inhibiting TGFβ1 Signal 3

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Equivalent Inhibitory Activity to TGFβ-Neutralizing Antibody

The inhibitory activity against TGFβ1 was measured by SBE Reporter Assay, and PG-002 showed 100% inhibitory activity at 10nM against 0.13nM TGFβ1 (right figure). Using the panel assay, we also confirmed that it does not inhibit other signaling pathways.

Inhibition Curve against TGFβ1

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