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<span>PG-004</span>Noggin-like Peptide  (BMP4,7 Inhibitor)

PG-004Noggin-like Peptide (BMP4,7 Inhibitor)

Fully-Chemically Synthesized Peptide with Antagonistic Activity in Several BMP Families Similar to Noggin

Like growth factor Noggin, Our Noggin-like peptide is a growth factor alternative peptide with antagonistic activity against several BMP families. Our Noggin-like Peptide is expected to be used to maintain undifferentiation and induce differentiation in the development and manufacture of regenerative medicine and cell therapy for pancreas, lung, intestine, etc., which have been actively researched and developed in recent years, and in the preparation of organoids.

NLike Noggin, PG-004 binds to secvetal BMP families and inhibits signals

Noggin-like peptide1
Noggin-like peptide2

*This is for illustrative purpose.

We performed a functional comparison test between our Noggin-like Peptide (PG-004) and commercially available recombinant Noggin by measuring smad1 phosphorylation. From the results, our PG-004 showed the inhibitory activity against BMP4 and BMP7 at the same level per molecule compared with recombinant Noggin. We have also confirmed that our Noggin-like Peptide exhibits the inhibitory activity against BMP family proteins with high sequence homology to BMP4 and BMP7. The molecular weight of our Noggin-like Peptide is approximately 2.9 kDa, which is approximately 8 times smaller than the MW of recombinant Noggin.

BMP4 inhibition (0.2nM)
BMP7 inhibition (10nM)

PG-004 Product Overview

Formulation Lyophilized
Storage Condition ≦-20℃
Purity ≧95% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight 2920.15 (Acetate)
Product Size
(Quantity equivalent to recombinant Noggin)
5µg per a glass vial
(Equivalent to recombinant Noggin Approx. 40µg)

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