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<span>PG-004</span>Noggin-like Peptide  (BMP4,7 Inhibitor)

PG-004Noggin-like Peptide (BMP4,7 Inhibitor)

Fully-Chemically Synthesized Peptide with Antagonistic Activity in Several BMP Families Similar to Noggin

Like growth factor Noggin, Our Noggin-like peptide is a growth factor alternative peptide with antagonistic activity against several BMP families. Our Noggin-like Peptide is expected to be used to maintain undifferentiation and induce differentiation in the development and manufacture of regenerative medicine and cell therapy for pancreas, lung, intestine, etc., which have been actively researched and developed in recent years, and in the preparation of organoids.

Like Noggin, PG-004 binds to several BMP families and inhibits signals

Noggin-like peptide1
Noggin-like peptide2

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We conducted a functional comparison test between our Noggin-like Peptide (PG-004) and commercially available recombinant Noggin by measuring smad1 phosphorylation. The results revealed that PG-004 exhibited inhibitory activity against BMP4 and BMP7 at the same level per molecule as recombinant Noggin. Furthermore, we confirmed that PG-004 also demonstrates inhibitory activity against BMP family proteins with high sequence homology to BMP4 and BMP7. The molecular weight of our Noggin-like Peptide is approximately 2.9 kDa, which is roughly 8 times smaller than the molecular weight of recombinant Noggin. PG-004 exhibits the same level of inhibitory activity at 1/8th of the concentration (ng/mL) of recombinant Noggin.

BMP4 inhibition (0.2nM)
BMP7 inhibition (10nM)

Application Note

Thanks to the collaboration with HiLung Corporation, we have successfully induced effective differentiation from iPSCs to lung progenitor cells using Noggin-like Peptide (PG-004). Furthermore, we have achieved the successful construction of lung alveolar organoids.





Lung alveolar organoids formed using lung progenitor cells differentiated from iPSCs using either PG-004 or Noggin (Day 14).

Detailed application note is available HERE

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