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<span>PG-008</span>Wnt3a Alternative Peptide (β-catenin pathway agonist)

PG-008Wnt3a Alternative Peptide (β-catenin pathway agonist)

Fully-Chemically Synthesized Peptide with Activity
Equivalent to Wnt3a

PG-008 is composed of a heterodimer of two cyclic peptides with selective binding affinity for Frizzled and LRP5/6. Similar to Wnt3a, it exhibits agonist activity for the β-catenin pathway of the Wnt signaling.

Wnt3a Alternative Peptide (β-catenin pathway agonist)

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Superior agonist activity compared to recombinant Wnt3a

Using the TCF-LEF reporter assay (luciferase) in HEK293 cells, the comparison of activity between recombinant Wnt3a and PG-008 revealed that PG-008 activates reporter genes more strongly at lower concentrations, demonstrating superior agonist activity compared to Wnt3a.
Reporter gene activation

Exhibiting cell differentiation induction activity at an exceptionally low concentration compared to CHIR99021

In the process of differentiating iPSCs into definitive endoderm, we conducted a comparison of differentiation induction efficiency using CHIR99021, recombinant Wnt3a, and PG-008. The results revealed that when recombinant Wnt3a(50 ng/mL: approx. 1.3 nM) was used, the efficiency was around 60%. However, when PG-008 and CHIR99021 were employed, we achieved an efficiency of over 98%. Remarkably, 1 nM of PG-008 exhibited a differentiation induction efficiency equivalent to that achieved with CHIR99021 at 3 µM.
Differentiation of iPSCs into definitive endoderm

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