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<span>PG-001</span>HGF Alternative Peptide (c-Met Agonist)

PG-001HGF Alternative Peptide (c-Met Agonist)

Fully-Chemically Synthesized Peptide with Activity
Equivalent to HGF

PeptiGrowth succeeded in developing a peptide that has the same receptor activation ability and cell proliferation promotion ability as HGF. PG-001, an alternative peptide to HGF, induces dimerization of c-Met receptors and exerts biological activity, similar to activities of HGF.

Induces Dimerization of c-Met and Exerts Biological Activity similar to HGF

Induces Dimerization of c-Met and Exerts Biological Activity similar to HGF
Induces Dimerization of c-Met and Exerts Biological Activity similar to HGF

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We conducted a functional comparison test between our HGF Alternative Peptide (PG-001) and commercially available recombinant HGF. From the results, PG-001 demonstrated properties that promote the phosphorylation of the c-Met receptor and the proliferation of HUVEC at the same level per molecule compared to recombinant HGF. Considering that the molecular weight of PG-001 is approximately 4.7 kDa, which is about 16 times smaller than that of recombinant HGF, on a mass concentration basis (ng/mL), PG-001 exhibits comparable activity at 1/16th of the concentration of recombinant HGF.

c-Met phosphorylation (A431 cell)
HUVEC Proliferation

Applications Data

Professor Hideki Taniguchi at the Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo conducted proliferation and cloning tests of liver cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) using recombinant HGF or PG-001. As a result, it was confirmed that PG-001 has activity equivalent to HGF at the same level.

Applications Data

PG-001 Product Overview

Formulation Lyophilized
Storage Condition ≦-20℃
Purity ≧95% (HPLC)
Molecular Weight 4825.39 (Acetate)
Product Size
(Quantity equivalent to recombinant HGF)
2, 5, 15µg per a glass vial
(Equivalent to recombinant HGF Approx. 32, 80, 240µg)

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