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[New Product] Completion of Development and Launch of Wnt3a Alternative Peptide (β-catenin pathway agonist)


We have successfully developed a peptide with selective binding ability to Frizzled and LRP5/6, similar to Wnt3a, demonstrating agonist activity for the Wnt signaling through the β-catenin pathway. Starting from November 2023, we will launch it as Wnt3a alternative peptide, with the product code of PG-008.
PG-008 is intended for applications in regenerative medicine and organoid fields, such as inducing differentiation from iPSCs into endodermal lineage cells and constructing organoids from living tissues.
We can provide the free sample. Please feel free to contact us from [Contact].

Press Release
PeptiGrowth Inc. is Launching a Novel Synthetic Peptide
Wnt3a alternative peptide (β-catenin pathway agonist)