PeptiGrowth Inc.


New Products Release – BMP7 selective inhibitor and BMP4 selective inhibitor


PeptiGrowth has successfully developed novel peptides called “BMP7 selective inhibitor [Product code: PG-005]” and “BMP4 selective inhibitor [Product code: PG-006]”.
BMP7 selective inhibitor binds to BMP7 with high specificity and inhibits its signal and BMP4 selective inhibitor binds to BMP4 with high specificity and inhibits its signal.
We launch these products at 8th December, 2022.
These products allow BMP4 and BMP7 signaling to be inhibited separately, which was not possible with Noggin.
May be useful for detailed analysis and regulation of BMP signalings, as well as for development of novel cell differentiation processes.
We can provide the free sample. Please feel free to contact us from [Contact].