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New Product Release – BMP4,7 inhibitor (Noggin-like peptide)


PeptiGrowth has successfully developed a novel peptide called “BMP4,7 inhibitor (Noggin-like peptide) [Product code: PG-004]” which binds to several Bone Morphogenetic Proteins ( BMPs ) to inhibit its activity like Noggin.
We will be marketing this product from the beginning of July, 2022. Our Nogin-like peptide is expected to be used to maintain undifferentiation and induce differentiation in the development and manufacture of regenerative medicine and cell therapy for pancreas, lung, intestine, etc., which have been actively researched and developed in recent years, and in the preparation of organoids.
We can provide the free sample. Please feel free to contact us from [Contact].

New Product Release
[BMP4,7 inhibitor (Noggin-like peptide)]